Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mongielo's, Sign case sending the wrong message

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 If you don’t believe Lockport auto mechanic Dave Mongielo is getting railroaded, then we’ve got a bridge we’d like to sell you.

You know the one. It’s named after George Washington and it connects New York with New Jer­sey.
The bridge ties to Bridge-gate, the current controversy surround­ing New Jersey Gov. Chris Chris­tie’s administration. For those who haven’t been paying attention, Christie’s under fire because a pair of higher ups in his administra­tion literally directed the closure of lanes on the George Washing­ton Bridge last year in an effort to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J. for failing to endorse Christie for reelection.
The case illustrates a larger point about the nature of politics and the extent some politicians and their appointees will go to exact retribu­tion on their enemies.
Don’t think for a minute stuff like this doesn’t happen around here.
In recent years, Mongielo has made his share of enemies, particu­larly in the county Conservative and Republican Party establish­ments. He dared attempt to gather a group of like-minded citizens to nm for committee positions in 2010. He also took two unsuccess­ful turns at Lockport’s Republican Supervisor Marc Smith while fre­quently criticizing town and county officials along the way.
Mongielo is now facing a 10-day jail term for, get this, violating a town sign ordinance.
There are felons in this county who have received far less pun­ishment for far more egregious crimes.
Ask yourself: Does it make sense to incarcerate anyone because the sign in front of their business blinks too many times? Wouldn’t commu­nity service or maybe a fine have been more in line?
What’s really going on here is a political witch hunt, the kind people like Mongielo face when­ever they attempt to run up against the good old boy Niagara County system.
It’s a disgrace.
Attempts to have the case trans­ferred to a less politically charged venue have been denied. And now, amazingly, a local businessman is facing a jail term for breaking the sign rules.
Mongielo and his supporters rocked the boat.
The establishment around here doesn’t like such things, which is why we have four year’s worth of debate and wasted court time for a sign violation that, in reality, has almost zero impact on the quality of life in the community.
In short: Mongielo’s sign isn’t 1 ;rting anyone.
Putting him in jail serves only those who have political spite run­ning through their veins.
The pursuit of the offender in this case does speak volumes about the nr of justice in Niagara County.
If it were on a billboard, the mes­sage would read something like this: Don’t mess with the guys in charge, or else.  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

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 7 Its understandable how town of Lockport can become so abusive in violating Mr Mongielos rights when New York association of towns a monthly publications teach towns with legal advise to how to imprison and fine unsuspecting people because

Common Law Court of Record

What is Sovereignty? You should know. You are one.

Sovereignty is the ownership of one's own rights, and property. In that sense we are all sovereign in one capacity or another. Some have claimed more rights than others, yet we all are equal or so it would seem.

Common law is an age old traditional court that may actually even predate the

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jail for displaying fundraising events

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Businessman fights to stay out of jail

 Jail for displaying fundraising events

Petition for Writ filed april 4, 2013

This is supposed to stop corruption in lower courts. Now 10 days later county does not know what to do with petition. Seems no one there knows the constitution. Who protects your rights? 


Judicial Complaint filed jan 28, 2013.

A must read proof how local courts are treating residents like slaves 

Committee of Judicial Conduct
400 Andrews Street
Rochester, NY 14604

Finally town answer to Davids Motion that he filed in November Febuary 4th 2013

Proof Town attorney Bradly Marble has no clue in how

 the constitution protects our rights

God help us, Attorneys are not taught what the constitution means 

February 4, 2013

Hen. Raymond Schilling Town of I ockport Court